Benefits of Advertising With

Benefits of Advertising With

Relocating families are an excellent audience to reach. Advertisers come to because we help  promote targeted messaging for specific products and services relevant to the relocation process “precisely” when critical decisions are being made.

During what we call the “Relocation life cycle,” our advertisers can reach families when the need for their products and services is at its peak.

Relocating families seek out professionals who can assist them in their new market
More reliant on the input and advice of professionals from the area. Their lack of familiarity with the area and supporting business community helps make you a vital part of their Relocation Team.

Newcomers to the area have no “pre-established” shopping patterns
Typically, advertising dollar is spent trying to convert the shopping habits of local consumers. When someone new moves to towns, their shopping patterns have not been set, making them “GREAT” prospects for you.

Our audience consist of families that:

  • Are middle to high income
  • 78% Are looking to buy a home
  • Own 2.3 cars per household
  • Eat out 4-5 times per month
  • The average Renter will spend $3700 on furnishings
    and accessories within 3 months of their move.
  • The average Home Buyer will spend $9400 on furnishings, accessories
    and home improvements within 3 months of their move.

You are invited to partner with, and turn our high quality visitors and customer focused services into revenue for your business. features cities and towns located in over 1500 locations throughout the United States and our high visibility ensures that our message (and yours) reaches families going through the relocation process.

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Step 1: Research Your Move

When planning to move cross town or cross country – It is best to do some research. Start with finding the perfect city/town for you, your family or business. Research neighborhoods, schools, find housing and savings for the steps ahead.

Step 2: Moving Process

During the moving process, it is best to be prepared, prepped and ready for all ahead. From packing your home, hiring a moving company and changing utilities, to finding the storage units for your excess goods, all and more are part of the relocation process.

Step 3: Settling In

When someone moves they leave behind familiar faces, shopping habits and pretty much all that has defined their previous life.  Once someone enters step 3, they must create new friends and patterns.  Our Service Directory is full of coupon savings, our licensed and referred home improvement professionals are a safe source for quality help, and make sure to check out recreation.

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