Waterbury, Connecticut

Known as the “Brass City” because of its long history as the center of the nation’s brass industry, Waterbury is the fourth largest city in Connecticut and is in the west central portion of the state. With a population of 105,000, Waterbury is the metropolitan center of a 13-town region known as the Central Naugatuck Valley Region (CNVR), an area with 262,000 people.

Within the 13-town region many cultural, educational, and recreational destinations, including shopping malls, museums, nature trails and amusement parks, are readily available. In addition, Waterbury’s close proximity to the ski resorts of New England to the north and the beaches and boating of Long Island Sound to the south means that the area’s residents have easy access to a wide range of year-round, world-class recreational activities.

Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven, Connecticut’s three largest cities, are each within a 30-minute drive of Waterbury. Major cities of the Northeast – New York City, Boston, Providence – are less than two hours away.