The city of Rincon  as it is known now, became so on July 1, 1997.  Prior to that time it was simply known as the Town of Rincon founded in 1927.  Rincon is  located in Effingham County.

The City of Rincon, in the southeast area of Effingham County, was first incorporated as recently as 1927. Even though its incorporation was not that long ago it appears that the earliest settlers came to the area in 1751. But, its existence as a full-fledged community with families and businesses dates back to the late 19th century.

Once the railroad and depot were built a telegraph operator or agent is known to have been on duty as early as about 1895. This opened up the area to communication. With the coming of the railroad and service to Rincon and the combined availability of the “dirt” road (now state Hwy21) between Savannah and Rincon.


Per 2010 census:

Population: 9,198

Median household income:  $53,305