Statesboro, Georgia is located in Bulloch County and is the county seat.  It has a population of approximately  29,779 residents.  A lot of these residents are students at Georgia Southern University (the fastest growing University in the country), located in Statesboro.
Statesboro is located about 50 miles northwest of Savannah, about 76 miles from Augusta and only a short drive to the Atlantic Coastline.


In 1801, George Sibbald of Augusta donated a 9,301-acre (37.64 km2) tract for a centrally located county seat for the growing agricultural community of Bulloch County. It was developed for large cotton plantations, worked by slave labor. In December 1803, the Georgia legislature created the town of Statesborough. In 1866 the state legislature granted a permanent charter and changed the spelling of the name to its present form of Statesboro.



Per 2010 census:

Median household income: $19,016