Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo flows down the lower slopes of Mauna Kea mountain, home of the world famous astronomical observatories of several major nations. The town straddles a tranquil river with pools, waterfalls and lush vegetation.

The buildings of downtown Hilo Town carry the legacy as the commerce center that sugar built. Despite tsunami, threats of lava flow, the end of the sugar industry and the resulting economic consequences these buildings remain. They are a lot like the people of Hilo, they are survivors who refuse to give in to forces of both natural and commercial.

In their visit to East Hawaii, many people pass by the downtown shopping district, by chance or by choice. This is a shame, for they are missing a true jewel of Hawaii. Inside the buildings one can find treasures of art, collectibles, fashion and food. They will find people who have time to talk story, share their wisdom and offer the aloha spirit. Downtown Hilo Town is alive with personality. Hilo’s approximate population is 40,759.