Elmhurst, Illinois

Elmhurst was incorporated as a village in 1882. It had a population of 1,050 residents and included legal boundaries of St. Charles Road to North Avenue, and one-half mile west of York Street to one-quarter mile east of York Street. Public improvements were soon provided by the village; police protection, a volunteer fire department, sewers, and plank sidewalks. Such private companies as Elmhurst Spring Water Company, Elmhurst Electric Light Company, and Chicago Telephone Company introduced other new services in the late nineteenth century. Elmhurst more than tripled in size during the 1920’s, growing from 4,594 residents to 14,055. Today, Elmhurst, with an approximate population of 42,762, continues to change; however, the City of Elmhurst is committed to shepherding the community into and through the next century by continuing its long history of services of the highest quality for residents and visitors. Working together, residents and the City can make certain that Elmhurst will continue to be a wonderful place to live and raise families.