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Atlas Edge Staffing
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
 Scott Williams, owner and president of Atlas Edge Staffing, has come a long way in the last 16 years. Back in 1999 he was working long hours for a major food distributor, doing sales work and raising two children by himself. He saw a job in the paper working at Goodwill Industries in their employee staffing department. It had decent pay and less hours than he was working, so he jumped at it. At the time there was just one employee; Scott built it up to over 300.When Scott started at his new job with Goodwill Industries, the office he was to manage had been around since 1996. The office was in bad shape though and their staffing consisted of one employee. Scott was told that the office was currently losing money, a lot of it and he had a year to turn it around or they were going to close it. Although Scott had taken the job to work less hours, he in fact, worked a lot more. For the first year he poured it on and transformed the losing office into a money maker.“I started out working with Goodwill’s Personnel Solutions in the Newmark Center, and my office was smaller than one of the closets in my home,” said Scott. “But in a year I managed to turn things around. We moved into the Bi Mart Shopping Center, and eventually we were employing up to 400 employees at any given time. I now have three full-time office employees and will be hiring another one soon.”

I asked Scott to describe some of the services that Atlas Edge Staffing provides. “We do drug screening, both on-site and mobile, background checks (criminal and checking references), hair analysis and DNA testing for companies and individuals. We sometimes go to the company if they have a huge workforce; other times they send people in. We even have a large area where truckers can park their rigs while they get drug screened. And we cover an area from Newport to Brookings,” said Scott.

 One of the most interesting things about Atlas Edge Staffing is that they do paternity tests. “Usually a man will come into our office accompanied by a woman and an infant or child. It is a relaxed setting and completely confidential. Also, all of our paternity tests are court-admissible,” said Scott.Atlas Edge Staffing hires both lease and temporary employees. “We handle workers’ compensation, wage garnishments, and our jobs range from office workers to medical services to construction and restaurant jobs,” said Scott. “Because our office is in a rural area our jobs are quite diverse and range from home building, property maintenance, medical staffing; restaurants, plastics, road maintenance; electronics, retail, wholesale management; sales and a whole lot more.”Readers may remember that Atlas Edge Staffing was once located on Front Street in Coos Bay. They were there for 10 years but found quarters too tight as they kept growing, and wound up moving to their current location at 340 State Street, where their large office is in the old Northwest Community Credit Union building, right across from the Mill Casino on Hwy. 101.

“We also work for Homeland Security and the FBI, doing background checks and fingerprinting for Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards,” said Scott. “And if you want to be pre-checked for airline flights, an $85.00 fee will let you breeze through the check-in line at an airport for five years. In addition, we provide Haz Mat endorsements right here…people used to have to drive to Portland to get those.”

I asked Scott what the future holds for Atlas Edge Staffing. “We’re going to be expanding into some other areas of our business that we have not tried before. But each time we have diversified, it has brought in more revenue and added more value to our customers.”

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