Visit Billings | Montana’s Trailhead

Billings connects you to warm, genuine, hardworking people who possess a perspective on life that is uniquely Montanan and inherently individual. People who look you in the eye and take time to welcome you home.

Montana’s city connects you to the authentic historical west. Residents and guests can immerse themselves in modern conveniences on the edge of the genuine frontier. Billings is Montana’s Trailhead.

Billings is an attractive destination as it’s positioned in the region. Air service, lodging (nearly 5,000 sleeping rooms) and convention accommodations, including a 10,000 seat arena and its proximity to natural wonders and historic sites, help make Billings a choice destination. Retail and corporate opportunities, attractions and amenities allow the tourism industry to be competitive regionally and nationally. Billings’ tourism partners invite visitors to enjoy the river to the Rimrocks and everything in between.