Minneapolis Relocation Guide

Thank you for viewing our Minneapolis Relocation Guide. We invite you to consider the benefits of moving to Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is one of the two metropolitan cities; the other being St. Paul, to make up the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Twin Cities metropolitan area is home to over 3.6 million people. Minneapolis alone has over 413,651 residents.

Forbes Magazine ranked Minneapolis as the #1 healthy city in America due to clean air to breathe and residents who prioritize exercise and keeping their weight down.  Minneapolis was among the first cities to put in bike trails and ban smoking in public places.

Minneapolis features very cold, snowy winters and warm to hot, humid summers. As is typical in a continental climate, the difference between average temperatures in the coldest winter month and the warmest summer month is great: 60.1 °F . Temperatures have reached 90 °F as early as April 15 and as late as October 10, while 80 °F has been reached as early as March 17 and as late as October 31, while 70 °F  has been reached as early as March 5 and as late as mid November.

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