Raleigh Relocation Guide

One of the city’s nicknames is “The City of Oaks” and it’s slogan is “You Can See the Whole State from Here!”, because of its prime location. Raleigh, the North Carolina state capital, is located in Wake County in north-central North Carolina not far from Durham. It has a population of 458,880 residents and covers over 140 square miles of land.

Raleigh was named for Sir Walter Raleigh who, in the 1580’s, wanted to establish the first English Colony on the shores of the new world, but was unsuccessful.

Raleigh is an early example in the United States of a planned city. Following the American Revolutionary War when the US gained independence, this was chosen as the site of the state capital in 1788 and incorporated in 1792 as such. The city was originally laid out in a grid pattern with the North Carolina State Capitol in Union Square at the center. During the United States Civil War, the city was spared from any significant battle. It fell to the Union in the closing days of the war, and struggled with the economic hardships in the postwar period related to the reconstitution of labor markets, over-reliance on agriculture, and the social unrest of the Reconstruction Era.

Following the establishment of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in 1959, several tens of thousands of jobs were created in the fields of science and technology. The region and city have attracted a large influx of population, making it one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States by the early 21st century. It is a model for other nations, states and small governments around the world.

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