Depoe Bay

Located on the central Oregon coast, Depoe Bay has become a favorite of coastal visitors for its unique tidal attractions and variety of eating and shopping opportunities. For several million years the Pacific Ocean has been carving its way through the tough basalt formations that form the sides of Depoe Bay, resulting in the smallest year-round navigable harbor in the world. The picturesque bay is landlocked, except for the harbor entrance through the rocks, which can accommodate boats up to fifty feet in length.

Visitors watch with excitement as the vessels make their way to and from the sea through the narrow channels leading under Highway 101 to the harbor, known locally as “shooting the hole.” Depending on tidal conditions, visitors can watch and sometimes be drenched by the famous spouting horns that shoot geysers of salt water into the air, yards away from Highway 101. Depoe Bay is two hours from Portland, Oregon and the Portland International Airport. Depoe Bay is a village with approximately 1398 residents.

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