Hillsboro Relocation Guide

Hillsboro is a truly unique and special community. Located in the heart of the Silicon Forest, and as the County seat for Washington County, Hillsboro is the economic engine of Oregon and for that reason, Hillsboro relocation is a popular thought.

Hillsboro has 32 nationally accredited parks, miles of hiking and biking trails and is home to a 710-acre wildlife refuge Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. In addition, Hillsboro has numerous beautiful wineries and farmland, which provides a taste of the countryside within minutes of the city.

Hillsboro takes great pride in the fact it started as an agricultural community which has grown now into a full Silicon Forest. The Hillsboro community still celebrates their agricultural roots and recognize the important role farms and nurseries play in their economy. From Hazelnuts and large variety of berries to apples, peaches and kiwis, ready to be hand picked and preserved.

Hillsboro is located in the northwest corner of Oregon State, about twenty minutes west of Portland.  It has a population of 97,480 residents according to the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and covers over 49 square kilometers of land.

Hillsboro averages almost 38 inches of rain each year in the form of a light mist (October-March).  A moderate climate ranging from 62.4 degrees as a maximum average and 41.3 degrees as a minimum.  With temperatures in this range, Tualatin Valley has become one of the most productive and diverse agricultural areas in the nation.

Traveling throughout Hillsboro and Washington County has been designed with convenience in mind. Clean, well maintained roadways, walking and biking paths, TriMet buses and a light rail system (MAX) makes getting from Point A to Point B as hassle free as possible. In addition, The Hillsboro Airport is convenient for business travelers and visitors alike.

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