Pittsburgh is was founded in 1758 and was incorporated in 1816. It has a population over 305,841 residents per 2010 census, is the second-largest city the State of Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh is known as both “the Steel City” for its more than 300 steel-related businesses and “the City of Bridges” for its 446 bridges. Known for steel, Pittsburgh also led innovations and industries in aluminum, glass, shipbuilding, petroleum, foods, appliances, sports, transportation, computing, retail, cars, and electronics. This creative wealth placed Pittsburgh third (after New York City and Chicago) in corporate headquarters employment for much of the 20th century, second only to New York in bank assets and with more stockholders per capita than any other U.S. city.

Pittsburgh earned the title of America’s “most livable city” by Places Rated Almanac, Forbes, and The Economist while inspiring National Geographic and Today to name the city a top world destination.
Median household income: $28,588