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Utah Relocation & Moving Guide

Utah covers 84,904 square miles and has a population of 2,233,169  people. Utah’s capital is Salt Lake City, which has a population of 181,743. Other important cities are Layton (pop. 58,474), Logan (pop. 42,670), Ogden (pop. 77,226), Orem (pop. 84,324), Provo (pop. 105,166), St. George (pop. 49,663), Sandy (pop. 88,418), Taylorsville (pop. 57,439), West Jordan (pop. 68,336) and West Valley City (pop. 108,896).

Utah was admitted to the Union on January 4th, 1896 as the 45th state. It’s bordered by Idaho to the north, Wyoming to the northeast, Colorado to the east,New Mexico to the southeast, Arizona to the south and Nevada to the west. The state flower is the “Sego Lily” and it’s nickname is “The Beehive State”. Utah’s economy is broken into two categories; agriculture and industry. Cattle, dairy products, hay and turkeys provide for the agricultural side. While machinery, aerospace, mining, food processing, electric equipment and tourism provide for the industrial side.