Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, the State Capital, is located in Washington County in central Vermont. It has a population of 8,500 residents and covers over 26 square kilometers of land.

When it came time to choose a state capital, Montpelier resident wanted their city chosen. They eventually won out over Burlington and other communities, mostly because they were able to fund the construction of the new capitol and donated the land for the state house. In 1831, the private funding for a new state house was repeated by the citizens of Montepelier, when the wooden structure was replaced by a larger and more substantial building designed by Boston architect, Amani B. Young. In the winter of 1857, most of that building was destroyed by fire. The third State Capitol, the one in use today, was designed by Thomas Silloway and completed in 1859. The interior has been restored to its original condition making the building a fine example of 19th century grandeur.