Williamsburg, Virginia

If history interests you, you’ve come to the right area. Jamestown is where America began when in 1607 a few brave adventurers established the first permanent English settlement in the New World. For 92 years, from 1607-1699, Jamestown was the capital of the Virginia Colony and in 1619 was the first meeting place for America’s first legislative assembly. Stroll around in the restored area and it’s like stepping back 220 years. The only traffic you’ll find is the Horse-drawn carriages on the cobblestone streets. Colonial Williamsburg will transport you back in time to when Williamsburg was the political and economic center of the colony. This is where the whispers of dissension were fanned into the flames of War for Independence. Locals in costume round out the experience with character portrayals that provide a living history. Don’t forget to tour The College of William and Mary. It’s the country’s second oldest. The College counts presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler among distinguished graduates. Williamsburg has an approximate population of 15,052 according to a 2015 US Census estimate.