Moving Furniture – How To Move A Dresser

Moving Furniture

Moving furniture such as tall dressers and armoires can become difficult when moving yourself. By using the right steps and tools, these items can be moved with ease.

Preparing The Dresser

Before moving large furniture items it is very important to prepare them to prevent any damage to the piece or your home.  Some items you will need are:

check_mark  Furniture pads or blankets

check_mark  Large rubber band or tape

check_mark  Shrink wrap (optional)

check_mark  Appliance dolly with strap

When wrapping the dresser with the furniture pad or blanket be very detailed to make sure there are no loose ends that may get caught in anything. Then secure the pad with the large rubber band or tape. If you have a roll of shrink wrap, then wrap the whole piece with it to secure the whole item from falling apart.

The last step for the preparation is connecting it with the appliance dolly. To do this just slide the dolly underneath the dresser usually on the shortest side so you can move it through doors and hallways. Then take the strap and connect it to one side the dolly, wrap it around the dresser, then connect it back to the other side of the dolly.

These are the exact steps that professional movers use to safely protect your furniture from damaging. When done correctly and with the right tools, you can also move your large furniture items safely and securely.

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